It’s All About A Good Conversations

Retirement Planner iOS app is productivity tool that allow DBS Relationship Manager to illustrate the retirement facts/news, awareness of rising cost of living, and retirement income gap based on customer’s sources of income. We designed the app with x-discipline team—insurance team, marketing, product team, senior management (project’s sponsors) and our end users—the Relationship Manager—to ensure that we designed a product that improve their productivity and increase efficiency.

I worked closely with Poon Wen Ang, Designer from Aleph Lap; provided clear design direction and filtered the internal feedback and comments into actionable items. We developed lot of iterative wireframes, visual design style, UI Kit, icon font, and interactive prototypes.


Problem Statement

1.What’s the problem you were trying to solve?
2.What were the success metrics?
3.Who identified the problem?
4.Did you agree with the problem, was it well defined or was it still pretty grey and needed further exploration?


Target Audience

Whom We Designed for Persona Help reader understand the person you were designing for.


Team & Role

1. Who did you work with on the project?
2. What was your team structure?
3. Explain how you communicated, and help meetings or reviewed deliverables.
4. Who was responsible for what?



Limitations Encourage Creativity Talk about the constraints; time, access to users, undefined problem. No project is perfect, and it's the constraints that add a little spice to each project. 


Design Process

How We Designed
1.What was your design process?
2.Did you facilitate any design exercises?
3.What deliverables were you responsible for?
4.How do you conduct your process, and let others into your process?
5.Final Design — What We Made
6.Design Decision
7.Artifacts (Sketches, Workshop Photo, Whiteboard)



What We Learned
1.Did you reach success metrics?
2.Solve the right problem?
3.What would you do better if you could do it again?