About Project

Worked with new engagement model (Core Global Team & APAC Solutions Team) in order to dramatically improve the merchant onboarding in AU. The expected outcome is a design framework that would work in any country that has a tight regulation such as Australia, Russia and Japan, but not limit to other countries where there are similar compliance requirements. To minimise new merchant sign-up friction, APAC team proposed new way of Sign-up as “Application approach”, some features recommendations and sequencing framework that makes the signing up process smoother even with a long flow.

What I did

  • Define Customer Problem
  • Brainstorm Coordination (Whiteboard Session) 
  • Gathering and Organising Statistics
    Feature and Requirement Writing
  • Flows, Data Grouping and Sequencing
  • Interface Layout (Wireframe) & Web UI Library
  • Iterative Prototype
  • Usability and Concept Testing
  • Field Study (Face-to-Face Interviewing)

Not Enough? No worry. 

If you have time, I’ve created a few more design journal for you.