About Project

In short, it’s mobile document upload for verification—knowing more about our customer is a key pillar that enables PayPal to operate on a global scale offering safe and convenient solutions for payment. One of the main requirements to operate as a financial institution in various markets is KYC (know-your-customer). This is typically achieved by a trusted agent (human) verifying a government issued document like a drivers license or passport. Front loading all KYC requirements during signup makes on-boarding new users cumbersome. However not having the appropriate documents in time could result in restrictions placed on the account. Now restrictions are not a huge issue as long as the user can self remediate using simple tools they already own. (such as a smart phone, ID documents etc)
To improve the customer experience we have to solve this major concern to accelerate the ID verification process with innovative solution, here comes the The Panda Program.

What I did

  • Defined key customer problem statement
  • Wireframe (Sharpie Sketch & Whiteboard)
  • Provided design direction for Interaction Design and Visual Design
  • UI Patterns

Pilot Product Version (Lived Oct 4, 2013)


Visual Design (Version Sep 09, 2013)


Not Enough? No worry. 

If you have time, I’ve created a few more design journal for you.